Receptions / Meetings

vue de nuit du château d'agel

Looking for an authentic setting where your guests will enjoy an experience they’ll never forget ? We’d be delighted to welcome your group or party to the Château d’Agel, and to help you with whatever is needed to make your event a success: parties, receptions, dinners, concerts…

If you’re planning a wedding, what could be more enjoyable and memorable than a reception set amid the history of the Château d’Agel. We’d be delighted to open our doors to you for the wedding reception of a lifetime. Receive your guests and when the festivities are over, let some of them sleep it off in our comfortable bedrooms.

Watch the video “souvenir” of a wedding at the castle of Agel

If you’re planning a photo, advertising or film shoot in a historical setting of outstanding beauty, why not hire the entire château and park, or just part of it.

table mariage salon rouge

sortie de l'église d'Agel

receptions fenetre 600 bis















tables pour réception de mariage à agel

service champagne pour mariage à Agel