Nearby attractions

Towns and cities

Béziers (40km) : St Nazaire cathedral, medieval streets, the ancient amphitheater(office de tourisme).

Narbonne (25 km) : the former Archbishops palace, the donjon Gilles Aycellin and archaeological museum and fine arts (office de tourisme)

Cité cathare de Minerve (10 km) : Natural bridges, canyons, hillside vineyard, dolmens and ramparts (office de tourisme).

Cité de Carcassonne (50 km) : the city, the ramparts, the Comtal castle, St Nazaire church, St Nazaire Tower ….

Site D’Ensérune (Nissan 25 km) : Gallic village. The excavations were carried out from 1915, remains from the VI century BC first century AD. (centre des monuments nationaux).


Lastours (46 kms) (Lastours).

Villerouge Termenes (55 kms)  (Villerouge).

Arques (85 kms) (Arques).

Cucugnan Queribus (85 kms) (Queribus).

Duilhac Peyrepertuse (90 kms) (Peyrepertuse).


Abbaye de Fontfroide (36 km) : beautiful Cistercian abbey. (abbaye de Fontfroide).

Abbaye de Caunes-Minervois (37 km) : Benedictine abbey in the heart of a XV-XVIII village (the Hotel AlibertL’Hôtel Sicard, marble quarries ). (abbaye de Caunes-Minervois).

Abbaye de Lagrasse (45 km) : Abbey in the heart of a medieval village restored (St Michel church XIV, XV-XVIII houses …). (abbaye de Lagrasse).

The caves and natural sites

Gouffre giant Cabrespine (43 kms): The visit takes place of lime pit foot which makes feasible by the disabled. In 45 minutes, this is a journey into a green crystals of aragonite and calcite reaching here, shapes and dimensions itself, extraordinary. (grotte de Cabrespine).

Grotte de Clamouse (87 kms) : This is one of the best known caves. Its underground network, vast stretches nearly 12 km and a height of 600 m. (grotte de Clamouse).

Grottes des Demoiselles (122 kms) : Cave carved into the cliff Thaurac. A cable car can easily penetrate this extraordinary subterranean labyrinth that leads to a called “Cathedral” room.  (grotte des Demoiselles).



cité de carcassonne

châteaux de lastours


abbaye de fontfroide

abbaye de acunes minervois

grotte clamouse 300

grotte demoiselles