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façade du château d'agel

In the heart of France’s Minervois region, nestled at the foot of the Black Mountain, lies the village of Agel. Its Château is one of a line of fortified castles where the vassals of the Count of Toulouse resisted the Albigensian crusade in the 13th century.

Your hosts, Martine Ecal-Besse and her husband Jean-Marie, look forward to welcoming you to a truly memorable stay in the beautiful, atmospheric surroundings of the Château d’Agel, their family home.

Watch the TV report of the France5 channel about the castle of Agel

bienvenue buis 1024 château d'agel


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Bienvenue grande salle du château  d'Agel

Bienvenue piscine 600

Chambre Auguste du château d'Agel location du château


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